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Hello, we’re Elizabeth and Tony Gower, owners of Pine Mountain Inn since July 2021.

I’m Tony, originally from the UK. I started in the club business very early in my career with my passion for music and art. After running clubs in Ibiza, Spain, I eventually found my way to Los Angeles, and have been here ever since.

I’m Elizabeth and I started early in the restaurant and nightclub industry. I also operated and partnered in the Hollywood Athletic Club as the General Operator and Corporate Officer of the venue.

Tony and I have worked together in hospitality in Los Angeles for the past 35 years. We also developed and operated the Elizabeth
Peterson Group (EPG) which is an urban land use planning consulting agency.

As our work in the club and restaurant business expanded in downtown Los Angeles, we would often escape to the mountains to find solace and joy. We gathered with our family, usually at Mammoth Creek Inn. While there, we pondered on the idea of owning and operating an inn of our own.

As time went on we opened more venues in Los Angeles. When COVID hit, like many people, we had to pause and reassess our whole situation.

That process lead us back to realizing how much we loved the mountains. And how much we loved the idea of owning and running an inn.

Through much searching and prompting from family, we discovered Pine Mountain Club, California. We quickly established our home there in November 2020.

On Mother’s Day 2021, I was on a mother/daughter visit to Pine Mountain Club. While there, our daughter, Victoria, saw a little sign in the back window of the Pine Mountain Inn that said “For Sale”. She quickly brought it to our attention.

And the rest, they say, is history! We fell in love with the Pine Mountain Inn and bought it!

We’re inspired to carry on the amazing legacy of the previous owner, Diana Chase. Plus, we plan to bring our own blend of hospitality and fun to the Pine Mountain Club Inn. We look forward to welcoming guests to the Inn, beginning August 1, 2021.

Elizabeth Peterson Gower and Tony Gower

The Communities of Pine Mountain

The communities in our mountain area share a common interest in keeping our natural resources beautiful. They are always safe and enjoyable for everyone, including the wildlife. We have a unique climate and environment full of flora and fauna that is similar to many California mountain areas with small differences in a variety of species and big differences in others.

One good example, and it is a common one, is our local bobcat. They are classified as the same bobcat species found all over the United States but look just a bit different than the ones “50 miles down the hill” from here. The cats up here are slightly bigger than cats found in the lower elevation areas and closer to the beach. The markings and colorings of the bobcats up here look very similar to the Lynx cats found in the Mid-West region of the United States (beautiful white, gray and black spots and stripe patterns). Bobcats from the local lower elevations or near the coastal regions are almost solid in color, don’t carry much for markings, and tend to be a good deal smaller than the cats in the Mount Pinos/San Emidio areas. Yes, things are bigger in the mountains! Our local common grey fox is also substantially bigger when full grown than one down the road too.

Pine Mountain Club

Pine Mountain Club is the only semi-private community in our area. Although a few amenities are open to the public, usage of certain things is restricted to property owners of Pine Mountain Club and/or their guests. Temporary guest passes are available for our guests, by reservation only.

My husband and our two girls wanted to take a quick trip to go sledding and booked a night at the Pine Mountain Inn. It was such as awesome, cozy gem!
The owners are amazing. They make you feel so welcome. We stayed in an upstairs room with tall vaulted ceilings, a fireplace with logs provided, a frig, Keurig and microwave. The breakfast provided was perfect.
A quick walk to a great Mexican food restaurant, the local bakery and general store.
We will definitely be back!

Lauren, Central California

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your COVID protocol?

We’re taking extra precautions to keep our spaces sparkling clean and sanitized. Your health and peace of mind is our top priority, (And we’re passionate about these things.)
Here’s what we’re doing at the Inn:
--We’re implementing deep cleaning and sanitation.
--Guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
--Our staff have been trained on standards, procedures and best practices for cleanliness and health.
--Staff and ownership are fully vaccinated.

Is Pine Mountain Inn open year round?

Yes, Pine Mountain Inn is open to guests all year long.


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