• General Information

    General Information

    Welcome to our unique and wonderful little slice of heaven located mysteriously close to the city “rat-races” so many call home. You are in one of the most diverse, beautiful and ‘different’ areas in the entire United States. The communities in our mountain area share a common interest in keeping our natural resources beautiful so they are always safe and enjoyable for everyone, including the wildlife. We have a unique climate and environment full of flora and fauna that is similar to many California mountain areas with small differences in a variety of species and big differences in others. One good example, and it is a common one, is our local bobcat. They are classified as the same bobcat species found all over the United States but look just a bit different than the ones “50 miles down the hill” from here. The cats up here are slightly bigger than cats found in the lower elevation areas and closer to the beach. The markings and colorings of the bobcats up here look very similar to the Lynx cats found in the Mid-West region of the United States (beautiful white, gray and black spots and stripe patterns). Bobcats from the local lower elevations or near the coastal regions are almost solid in color, don’t carry much for markings, and tend to be a good deal smaller than the cats in the Mount Pinos / San Emidio areas - (yes, things are bigger in the mountains!) Our local common Grey Fox is also substantially bigger when full grown than one down the road too.

    Pine Mountain Club is the only semi-private community in our area. Access and usage of certain things is restricted to property owners of Pine Mountain Club and/or their guests. Temporary guest passes for property owner’s usage can be obtained from the Pine Mountain Club business office or one of the local real estate offices may also be able to assist if you are interested in property as well. Please be sure to check with the Pine Mountain Club business office at (661) 242-3788 before using any of the property owner’s amenities. All of the Village Center and the Pine Mountain Inn are not part of the property owner’s amenities and are open to the public.

  • The Climate

    The Climate

    For living so close to areas such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, we have a very unusual and definitive four-season weather pattern. Cool and sometimes very wet or snowy in the spring and cool/cold in the fall, then cold in the winter and warm to hot in the summer. Our falls are glorious up here with all the foliage changing color, not from a lot of native plants but from a lot of the imported trees and shrubs such as maple, poplar, aspen, birch and other mid-west/east coast variety trees. We even have a few native species of mammals that change coat colors such as the Jackrabbit. We are fortunate to have an NOAA weather station in Pine Mountain Club as well as one in Sandberg that provide residents and visitors the ability to get up-to-the-minute conditions. The Pine Mountain Station is online 365 days a year and can be viewed by going to www.fpweather.com Travel conditions can become quite dangerous in our area, in particular the winter, so please be careful and keep phone numbers such as 1-800-427-7623 (Cal-Trans Road & Highway information) close and use them before traveling into stormy mountain areas.

    Average Temperatures by Season

    Season High Low
    Spring 65 34
    Summer 84 50
    Fall 72 35
    Winter 50 26

    Average Annual Snowfall: 5.10 feet - Average Annual Rainfall: 16.79 inches

  • Events


    Pine Mountain Club itself hosts a number of annual events that have been popular with not only our residents but also people from all over the country. We have the Lilac Festival, Wine in the Pines, Run to the Pines Car Show, and a Fall Festival or Oktoberfest usually held on Labor Day weekend.

    Frazier Park also has its famous Fiesta Days in August each year along with its own new Car Show and Fort Tejon Historical Society events. You can view a calendar of events for Frazier Park online here: Frazier Park Calendar

    Other great online resources for community and national forest events and information include:

    Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association www.pinemountainclub.net
    Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce www.mymountainchamber.com
    Pinon Pines Property Owners Association pinonpinesonline.com/wp/
    Los Padres National Forest www.fs.usda.gov/lpnf/
    Mountain Enterprise mountainenterprise.com
  • Activities


    It should go without saying that there are a number of outdoor activities in our area that change throughout the year as well. There is hiking, mountain biking and fishing in Frazier Park to name a few. Stargazing is very popular from the top of Mount Pinos as is off road vehicle play in nearby Hungry Valley and other National Forest areas designated for this use. Cross-country skiing has become a big sport on Mount Pinos in winters that give us adequate snowfall as well as snowboarding and good old fashioned sledding, tubing and basic snows play. Snow can be found in our areas from as early as October and as late as May. Activities in the clubhouse areas of Pine Mountain Club include golfing on the PGA approved 9-hole course, horseback riding, a recreation room with pool, ping-pong, foosball and video games along with a restaurant and bar. Access to these areas will require a property owner’s card or a visitors/guest pass or card. Hiking is another big sport in this area. With hundreds of miles of beautiful trails to explore from a flat easy hike to some of the most challenging (that even include a little rock climbing) hiking is a big hit. Pine Mountain Club alone has numerous private trails that are well marked and well used so they are an excellent resource for the beginner and expert.

    For more information on National Forest activities please visit their web site www.fs.fed.us/r5/lospadres - you can also call the Chuchupate Ranger Station in Lockwood Valley for assistance at (661) 245-3731 or visit them at 34580 Lockwood Valley Rd., Frazier Park, CA 93225. They can assist you with laws, guidelines, and permits at this office. Always be sure to check with this office before using any of the National Forest lands to insure you are utilizing them properly and that you have all the proper permits to avoid fines and damaging our National Forest.

  • Dining, Shopping, and Services

    Dining, Shopping, and Services

    Even such a small, quiet, remote area such as ours will surprise you with what we have available. From Lebec and Frazier Park winding up to Pine Mountain Club there are fast food and excellent sit down dining establishments available with all kinds of in-between eateries along the way. The Village Center in Pine Mountain Club (where you are staying) has several excellent places to eat as well as a full service General Store with Deli. For local eateries in the area please refer to the local phone book that can be found in our local stores and real estate agencies.

    A good deal of “fun” shopping can be done right here in the Pine Mountain Village Center. Get out, take a slow leisurely walk through the Center, and visit all the local merchants as you go by. You will be greeted with big smiles and friendly personalities ready to talk your leg off! The main street of Frazier Park too offers a wide variety of local merchants you will enjoy visiting. Take a short drive to Frazier Park, park your car anywhere along Mount Pinos Way, and venture up one side and down the other. You will be treated to all kinds of shops, eateries and just nice people.

    Any kind of service you may need while here can be obtained as well. If you have automotive needs or problems there are several tow truck companies as well as mechanics. Day spas and hair salons are also available both in Pine Mountain Club and Frazier Park. Please refer to the local phone book that can be found in our local stores and real estate agencies for businesses and numbers.

Information written for use by The Pine Mountain Inn and its guests only © Jerry Ferris
Photography © Diana Chase